PLMGN Services


Home Maintenance

PLMGN are experienced in all areas of Home Maintenance from fixing a leaky faucet to repairing linoleum flooring.

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Commercial Building Services

PLMGN are skilled and experienced in all areas of Commercial Building. Ranging from paving and concreting to bricklaying and timberwork.

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Gutter Cleaning, Repairs & Replacements

Not only will we clear your gutters and downpipes of all leaves and debris but we will thoroughly flush them out, so stay safe and clean and let PLMGN do the hard stuff!

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Rubbish Removal

We will remove all the rubbish and leave your room or outdoor area as clean as possible.

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Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

At PLMGN we are experienced with all aspects of roofing repairs, ranging from fixing leaks, to removing mould and roof painting.

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Garden Care & Landscaping

PLMGN can maintain and invigorate your garden providing services such as hedge trimming, landscaping and lawn cutting.

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Painting Contractors

Regardless of the size, or if you require indoor or outdoor painting PLMGN is ready with paint roller in hand.

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Electrical Contractors

PLMGN are fully licenced and insured and have many years of experience with electrical work in the Adelaide area.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your Solar Panels clean and working efficiently with PLMGN Solar Panel Cleaning 

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