If there is one area of home maintenance that requires professional attention it is electrical work. Unskilled electrical work can be very dangerous and cause all sorts of issues with home insurance. Why risk the safety of your family by allowing untrusted contractors to conduct electrical work in your home?


PLMGN are fully licenced and insured and have many years of experience with electrical work in the Adelaide area. With the skills to repair and install all areas of electrical work ranging from power points to safety switches and smoke detectors.

Electrical Contractors FAQS:

Q - Why do my fuses keep blowing?

A - You could have a faulty appliance, faulty switch or damaged wires which need to be checked by a professional immediately.


Q - How do I know the job completed has been done thoroughly?

A - Once the job has been completed you should be supplied with a certificate of compliance for the work which has been carried out.


Q - How do I know if you are qualified and registered?

A - If you have any doubts you should ask for proof and copies of their licence, and insurances and that they are all current