Garden Care & Landscaping

Garden care is the perhaps the most sort after task for home owners, because of this garden and landscaping businesses in Adelaide are a dime a dozen. However you want to be certain that the contractor is willing to spend the time and care with your beloved outdoor area.


Front gardens are the face of your home and backyards can be the focal point of many happy hours with friends and family.Therefore you want to be sure that these areas remain tidy , beautiful and safe.


PLMGN can maintain and invigorate your garden providing services such as hedge trimming, landscaping and lawn cutting.

Garden Care and Landscaping Services:

  • All Garden Care

  • Landscaping

  • Yard cleaning

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Lawn Cutting

  • Pruning

  • We work in all areas of Adelaide


Garden Care and Landscaping FAQs:

Q - What types of properties do you take care of?

A - We look after all types of properties for residential, commercial,rentals and strata.

- Do you provide regular garden maintenance and what services do you provide?

A - Yes, we provide regular garden maintenance and depending on your requirements is how often the service is required.


Q - How often should I cut my grass?

A - Grass should be cut every 3–4 weeks & it depends on the season.