Solar Panel Cleaning

Many Adelaide home owners have installed solar panels on their roofs. The residential solar revolution provides us with lower power bills and is environmentally conscious.


However, most Solar Panel owners do not consider the cleaning of their Solar Panels. Over time Solar Panels become covered in many substances ranging from dust, pollution and bird droppings. This dirt and grime can decrease the efficiency of your solar panels. That means you could be compromising your cost saving potential.


PLMGN can clean your solar panels thoroughly and safely. We avoid using harsh chemicals to ensure we do not damage your panels and roof. PLMGN solar panel cleaning ensures your solar system is working at full capacity, so why wait? Contact PLMGN today and potentially boost your power by up to 30%!


Solar Panel Maintenance FAQS:

Q - How often should my panels require cleaning?

A - Solar panels should be cleaned at least every 12 months for maximum efficiency and that also depends on your surroundings. Some locations require more frequent cleaning.


Q - Does the solar panel system require maintenance and how often?

A - Solar panel systems should be maintained yearly or when you notice any change or damage. You should have a qualified electrician to inspect all connections and switches are working properly and in good order.


Q - Can any electrician repair solar panels?

A - Yes as long they have had the extra training required to understand the operation of solar panels.